Self-Defense Rescripted

rescriptedcoverMost self defense courses are composed of martial arts techniques which work only for skilled athletes. Such methods are poorly suited for people of average strength and fitness levels. SELF DEFENSE RESCRIPTED emphasizes the use of core strengths, which represent the strongest possible physical actions, regardless of age, gender, or athletic prowess.

Most self defense courses emphasize the use of hard counter-blows, and force-on-force tactics to beat down a subject. In contrast, SELF DEFENSE RESCRIPTED applies techniques against the natural (but often unrecognized) weaknesses of the body in order to neutralize the disparities in age, size and strength. In particular, SELF DEFENSE RESCRIPTED uses simple, but sophisticated methods of neuro-dehabituation as a central method.

Most self defense courses are based on wrong assumptions about the nature of violent encounters and wrong estimates of what makes for an effective response. In fact, the most commonly taught self-defense methods actually increase danger, rather than decreasing it. SELF DEFENSE RESCRIPTED incorporates a dynamic psycho-physical strategy which powerfully re-writes the victim/perpetrator encounter in startling and unexpected ways, radically redefining the relationships of power and control.

SELF DEFENSE RESCRIPTED is self defense re-imagined, re-envisioned, re-invented. From physical movement, to counter methods, to strategic modality, SELF DEFENSE RESCRIPTED represents a significant leap forward in the science of self-protection. And yet, the system is built on a foundation of simple, natural actions. This makes SELF DEFENSE RESCRIPTED easy to learn, and empowering to know. And, the remarkable nature of “rescripting” develops transferable skills which can enhance all areas of life.

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