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Chris Thomas is highly regarded not only as a martial arts expert but also as an expert teacher. Widely known for his thorough instruction, Thomas is recognized as one who does not hold back but provides as much knowledge as possible. However, gaining direct access to Chris Thomas and his teaching has always been difficult, and those who have managed consider themselves fortunate. But now, you can have unprecedented access to one of the martial arts’ truly great teachers by subscribing to Masterclass.

In Masterclass, Grandmaster Thomas will provide guidance in a wide range of topics, including Self-defense, Kata Performance, Bunkai, Kyusho-Jitsu, Tuité, Tai Chi Chuan, Isshin-ryu, Ryukyu Kempo, Body-mechanics, Strategy, and more. And he is also willing to post answers to questions posed by subscribers. Only $299 per year (that’s less than $1 per day) will give you access to one of the world’s premier masters.
Chris Thomas
The name, Tai Chi Chuan, means something like “The Absolute Best Martial Art.” And in the past, Tai Chi lived up to its boastful title, producing fearsome warriors. Today, however, most people who per...
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